dinsdag 14 augustus 2012


This lovely old lady, friends with my grandma for over 60 years also happened to be my neigbour. I've spend so hours and hours sitting there in at the kitchen table having tea while looking in old photobooks. The tea in porcelain cups with flower drawings, the photo's sepia tinted. She was so happy to tell all her stories about her life in the past to a younger generation. 2 months ago, I was going to my parents and I just knew I had to visit her. I did just knew this would be the last time. And it was, a week later she died at the age of 92. Yesterday my mom came to me with this marvelous glass dish. It was from the lovely old lady, she used it for her sugarcubs. When I will find this antique tongs, maybe I will do suger in my tea and have high tea's in style.

bought at: inheritance age: around 50 years old bought for: free

Bisous, Amy

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