maandag 10 september 2012

Love notes

Even though I have spent my sunday packing stuff to move to my parents (my room is getting too small) these little boxes will never leave my side. All three are very different but for me they belong together. The first one at the bottom of the tower I bought in a secondhand store. The woman at the front was seducing me to buy it. I just love these 18th century pictures. In this one I keep my paper treasures. These papers include letters from penpals to brochures of other countries I've been to. Just papers that are personal and I feel I have to keep this together for later. But every now and then when I have nothing to do I'll open the box and going through all the stuff.

The second box was a housewarming gift from two of my good friends. I'll never forget the moment they gave it to me, filled with cookies and a picture of the three of us. It really means a lot to me. In this one I keep all my postcards from all over the world. From my friends who are on holidays and the ones I got through the website: A marverlous website where I started two years ago. In one year I gained more than 100 postcards, I love them so much, they are all different in stamps, handwriting and just the idea of someone somewhere on the world thinking of a little personal story to write you.

The third one I got from my stephmother when I moved to Amsterdam, she told me it is a rare piece and I will never get rid of it. I use it as cookiejar. All these little treasures made by other people, mostly personal thing written to me, give me a special bond with these pieces of paper.

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